08/22/2019 – Wedge Wromp

E. Marquez will lead "Wedge Wromp" with a duration of 3.5 hours somewwhere in The Chugach Front Range.

Meet at 6:30 pm in the Glen Alps parking area. We will proceed on the Powerline Trail to the Hidden Lake Trail. We will soon diverge from the Hidden Lake Trail and head up along the ridge leading to the summit of the Wedge. From there decisions will be made regarding the most desirable descent route.

06/27/2019 – Rabid Rabbit

E. Marquez will lead "Rabid Rabbit" with a duration of 4.5 hours somewwhere in The Chugach Front Range.

Meet at 6:30 pm at the Rabbit Creek Trailhead on Canyon Road. We will proceed up the main trail to the north shore of Rabbit Lake. From there we will ascend to the ridge and down to Powerline Pass. We will follow the Powerline Trail to a point about even with Peak Two. We will hop over the ridge back to the start/finish.

06/13/2019 – North Suicide

E. Marquez will lead "North Suicide" with a duration of 4 hours somewwhere in Turnagain Arm.

Meet at 6:30 pm at the Falls Creek Trailhead on the Seward Highway. We will ascend by trail and cross country to the ridge above Windy Gap. We will not ascend South Suicide Peak but will instead descend to Windy Gap via a sheep trail. Following an ascent of North Suicide Peak we will reverse the route.