10/08/2020 – 60!!!

Anne Ver Hoef will lead "60!!!" with a duration of 1 hour somewwhere in The Chugach Front Range.

NOTE:  Start time:  6:00pm

Meet for start time at 6:00pm for a run of 60 minutes, 60 seconds.  Do you see a theme?  Yes, I am turning 60 years young; wishing to celebrate by doing something I love – running in the mountains.  Meet at Glen Alps parking lot (original lot) for an excursion up to the Ballfield by the traditional route and return by the new trail.  Take a headlamp in case we venture out past dark.

09/10/2020 – Penguin Peak

Anne Ver Hoef will lead "Penguin Peak" with a duration of 3 hours somewwhere in Turnagain Arm.

Meet at 6:30pm at trailhead:  turn left off Seward Hwy on Konikson Rd (past Bird Creek trailhead and campground) and go to the end of the dirt road to large parking lot.  This is an out-and-back of 6.3 miles and elevation gain of over 4000 ft.  Be prepared for a climb!  May bring a headlamp, just in case.

05/28/2020 – Ridgeline Above McHugh Creek

Anne Ver Hoef will lead "Ridgeline Above McHugh Creek" with a duration of 2.5 hours somewwhere in Turnagain Arm.

Starting at 6:30pm from the McHugh (upper) parking lot, we will start up the trail toward McHugh lake but then divert up to the ridgeline at a strategic location.  We will pick our way along the ridgeline until we drop back down to the trail at an advantageous spot. Return on the trail for a lollypop route.

04/30/2020 – Potter to McHugh, Maybe

Anne Ver Hoef will lead "Potter to McHugh, Maybe" with a duration of 2.5 hours somewwhere in Turnagain Arm.

This out and back route will attempt to get on the ridge to McHugh from Potter Valley Rd. Meet at 6:30 in the dirt pull-out area shortly after Potter Valley Road becomes gravel (turn left to cont. on Potter Valley Rd and not SouthPointe Rd). Approx 2.5 hours, some bush bashing required to avoid private property.

05/08/2014 – Flattop Figure 8

Anne Ver Hoef will lead "Flattop Figure 8" with a duration of 2.5 hours somewwhere in The Chugach Front Range.

Meet at 6:15 pm at the intersection of Upper DeArmoun and Canyon Road for carpooling.  We will drive up a little higher and take the trail up the backside of Flattop, then cross over Peak 2 and either come down the north or south side of saddle between Peak 2 and 3. If we go down the north side, we will drop down to the Powerline trail, scuttle back toward the trailhead, but then climb back up and over the saddle between Flattop and Peak 2.  And, down again for our figure 8.

12/06/2012 – Twelfth Anniversary

Anne Ver Hoef will lead "Twelfth Anniversary" with a duration of 2 hours somewwhere in Eagle River - North.

Meet at 6:30 pm at the Ptarmigan trailhead in Chugiak. Bring sleds to celebrate Jane Baldwin’s birthday. We will go out for dinner afterward in Eagle River. Estimated
duration is 2 hours. Note: this also falls on the twelfth anniversary of the
“Thursday Evening Epic Runs”.