05/23/2019 – Highland Cottage Industries

Lee Helzer will lead "Highland Cottage Industries " with a duration of 3 hours somewwhere in Eagle River - South.

Join the Sorrell family for a 6:30 departure from 8182 Stewart Mountain Dr. (the first house on the right on Highland road for their inaugural bushwhack up to the summit of Highland mountain.  Park near the detached upper garage and try not to block the main (middle) driveway.  A post epic beverage will likely be enjoyed.

04/25/2019 – Hole In the Wall

Jesse Gobeli will lead "Hole In the Wall" with a duration of 3 hours somewwhere in Turnagain Arm.

Meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Rainbow trailhead on the Seward Highway.  We will follow game trails to the hole-in-the-wall area, and beyond to the McHugh lakes.  We will return by a varied route.

02/21/2019 – No Man’s Wolverine

E. Marquez will lead "No Man's Wolverine" with a duration of 3 hours somewwhere in The Chugach Front Range.

Meet at the Prospect Heights trailhead at 6:30 p.m. We will take the main trail to Wolverine, then head down into the No Man’s Land before ascending the left flank of Wolverine to return.