09/28/2017 – Rendezvous Ridge

Lee Helzer will lead "Rendezvous Ridge" with a duration of 3 hours somewwhere in JBER.

Meet at 6:30 pm in the pull out just before the parking lot at the end of Arctic Valley Road. Jesse and Eliseo will lead on Lee’s behalf up Rendezvous Peak then take the ridge back to berry picking if the local critters haven’t got them all.  After our mouths are blue and bellies full we’ll descend towards Ship Creek and catch a trail maintained by the local moose and bear population.

See 08/21/2014 – Rendezvous Ridge

06/08/2017 – Sheep Thrills Plus

Lee Helzer will lead "Sheep Thrills Plus" with a duration of 4 hours somewwhere in Turnagain Arm.

Meet at 6:30 pm at the Falls Creek trailhead on the Seward Highway. We will proceed up the Sheep Thrills Ridge via bushwhacking and scrambling to the highpoint known as Peak 3980. We will find a logical point of descent to the Falls Creek Trail and the return via the trailhead. Depending on presence and abundance of snow, traction devices may be desirable.

03/30/2017 – Rays on Rainbow

Lee Helzer will lead "Rays on Rainbow" with a duration of 3.5 hours somewwhere in Turnagain Arm.

Meet at 6:30 in the Telephone Pole Rock parking area (on the left after Beluga Point) on the Seward Highway. We will head up to the Turnagain Arm Trail and then diverge onto a ridge heading towards the Black Mesa. From there we will continue with ice ax and micro spikes up the North Face of Rainbow Peak (hopefully) enjoying a beautiful sunset along the way.

From the summit we will take the standard route back to the Turnagain Arm Trail and return to the cars. There are out and back opportunities for those not desiring partaking in the full enchilada.

02/09/2017 – Potter Exploration

Lee Helzer will lead "Potter Exploration" with a duration of 2.5 hours somewwhere in The Chugach Front Range.

Meet in the larger pull off parking area off the Seward Highway along Potter Marsh before Potter Valley Road.  The pull off is typically used for ice skaters, but not the one off Potter Valley road.  We’ll traverse the marsh and then post-hole / bush whack up the hill a ways looking for man-made and game trails.  We will return via Potter Creek.  Gaiters and micro spikes recommended.