11/16/2017 – You Are Not Forgotten

Lee Helzer will lead "You Are Not Forgotten" with a duration of 3 hours somewwhere in Eklutna.

Jesse and Eliseo will lead on my behalf.

Meet at 6:15pm in the parking area at the start of Eklutna Lake road.  Due to limited space we will carpool to a 3 car gravel pullout at about mile 4.5 on Eklutna Lake Road by electric pole 74.  We will then hike up the road to electric pole 85 where we will depart the road and head up to the monument, pay homage, and return.  Micro-spikes recommended.    Please allow extra time for traffic delays.

See 11/12/2015 – We Remember11/20/2014 – You Are Not Forgotten or 11/14/2013 – You Are Not Forgotten for additional info.

11/09/2017 – Potter Overlook

E. Marquez will lead "Potter Overlook" with a duration of 3 hours somewwhere in Turnagain Arm.

Meet at the Seward Highway weigh station just south of Potter Marsh at 6:30.   We will run to mile 2 of the Turnagain Arm trail where we will bushwhack to the top of the ridge. At the turnaround point we will head straight down to the trail and return.

11/02/2017 – Williwaw

Jesse Gobeli will lead "Williwaw" with a duration of 3 hours somewwhere in The Chugach Front Range.

Meet at Glen Alps at 6:30 p.m. We will proceed up the middle fork trail to Williwaw lakes.  We will then climb a ridge to reach the ballfield and return via Nintendo hill.

10/26/2017 – The Long Road to Recovery

Lee Helzer will lead "The Long Road to Recovery" with a duration of 3 hours somewwhere in The Chugach Front Range.

At 6:30 we will depart from Upper O’Malley trailhead by Shebanof Ave. and Stroganof Dr.

This will be my first Epic back and longest hike to date after my knee injury.  The first half of the Epic will be a slow and cautious walk up the Gasline trail linking to the Powerline trail via the Hemlock Knob trail.  Once we reach the Glen Alps cut off, I will depart as my knee currently only allows for uphill travel.

Those remaining will step up the pace and jog the Middle Fork trail to a weather/participant dependent creek crossing and exciting bushwhack back to the Rim trail.  A series of trails will link runners back to the Upper O’Malley trailhead.

10/05/2017 – A Different Wolverine

Jesse Gobeli will lead "A Different Wolverine" with a duration of 3 hours somewwhere in The Chugach Front Range.

Meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Glen Alps trailhead.   We will head to the Middle Fork trail, then bushwhack to the ridge leading to Rusty Point.  We will follow the ridge to Wolverine, then drop down to the middle fork valley again and return.